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“Dream States” is a feature-length documentary that focuses on the similarities and differences between sleeping life and waking life. Do your dreams represent your own reality in an abstract form? Can you learn from what your brain shows you as you sleep? Or are your dreams just hilarious representations of everyday life situations severely out of whack?  It's also about discovering the dreams you consciously have for yourself and your future.  Then, there's the kick-ass local music aspect, which helps to showcase the personalities and talents of unsigned bands across the continent.  Cameras kept track every step of the way as we traveled across North America, (yes, we went all the way to California, for those that have been asking), to find out what YOU think and feel about your own dreams and their meanings.  So open your mind’s eye to the endless possibilities “Dream States” will have to offer.  No scientists or doctors necessary.  No prescription required.

Shooting took place between May 29, 2006 and December 2006, and this website followed the "Dream States" production crew throughout North America. You can see the fun side of filmmaking, the panic, the stress, the "down" time, the serious side of things, and much more!

This is an independent film project turning out a quality feature documentary. This is our first film, and we ALL have to get our start somewhere, so please consider lending us some support in any way that you are able to do so. Although we've heard filmmakers joke NEVER to use your own money to make your film, ("always get it from outside resources"), we have already invested a large sum of our own capital in this documentary film project and continue to do so every day until its release.

Some of you may remember your first project, and the dire need for outside funding. Others may have always had an interest in filmmaking, but never the opportunity to do anything hands-on. Our hope is not that you will read this and think, "Oh, well then they are covered." We are not covered, but we have a fantastic start. We hope by investing so much of our own funds in the project, you will realize that we are committed to the success of this film. We believe in it enough to have now put over 40K of our own money into our very first film, yet most of you will absolutely realize that amount to be a pittance in comparison to what we will need to finish the film. ANY financial support you can offer, or inspire from others, would be graciously appreciated and put to good use on the film.

We really encourage you to help us promote the website and film, especially if you are participating and may be in the final release! As independent filmmakers, we graciously appreciate any and all support (financial or otherwise) that we can win over with our dedication, passion, intelligence, moxie and creativity. Even if you are unable to personally contribute financially, perhaps someone you know would be interested in helping to support this film. Donated services are also very welcome. We have many needs. Please contact us if you are able to help in any way, including but not limited to financial or direct participation. Credit will be fully and clearly given when and where due. We thank you so much for your interest in this project!  Please surf our links to find out even more!  We need your continued support, as we go through and complete all stages of the production process.  Thanks, in advance, for anything you can do!

During film production this summer, we were obviously living on the road. While doing so, we thought we'd have some opportunities to try new (to us) restaurants and hear new music.  We didn't get to hear many bands at all, due to scheduling conflicts or location issues.  However, we are still planning to post tons of reviews of places we ate, and the bands we did get to go hear (whether in the film or not) -- look under the obvious: "band reviews" & "grub reviews!"

Thank you. Pass the word.

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