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Click the photos for a larger view . . .

Smolin strikes a fly pose!

Evan in Utah, post-interview

Shawn thought up this fun "pose" and we love it!

Just watching a little football

Amanda, post-interview

Evan Sevy of Layton, Utah

Shawn, the brain of a scientist

an absolutely delightful duo . . . very fun interview . . . great energy!

Aaron Rendon - Denver, Colorado

Ha! It looks like he is singing . . . but methinks he is PROBABLY cracking a joke!

now THIS is candid!

Evan tames the Beast!

Our day of rest . . . October 15th

Joseph Bailey - Charleston, South Carolina

Mark's Zoolander pose! How do you like it?

Jackie Dove - Long Island, NY

Shawn, post-interview

Joseph Laveen - Louisville, Kentucky

Corwin Brown - No camera shyness here!

Kathryn is possibly wondering if we will ever leave! No, really, we think she had a fine time. We certainly did!

Fox and Hound - October 15th, 2006

Yvette checking out the RV before we have to go. Thanks for staying up late to see us!

Mark Smolin - Denver, Colorado

K Brown's candid mug shot

Victoria Bogden - San Francisco

Raven (Ginger) Hart - What a lovely soul

Yvette in Albuquerque -- insanely talented photographer

Kory Brown, being shy? I think not.

the laughter is so contagious!

Vincent and Victoria - China Beach - November 5th

Jeff and Vincent at China Beach for November 5th interview shoot

Jeff, Beast and Ginger - after her November 15th interview . . . sitting on the dock, enjoying her delicious espresso

David in Texas - November 19th

Yvette in New Mexico - November 16th

Below are the selected cast members of "Dream States" that have been interviewed as of December 8th, 2006.
Others to follow soon!

October 23rd - Evan Sevy - Utah

October 10th - Kathryn Bova - Kansas

October 27th - Shawn Parks - Washington

October 28th - Amanda Nollar - Washington

November 28th - Danielle Cummins - Mississippi

July 18th - Joseph A. Bailey - South Carolina

October 7th - Todd Barwick - Wisconsin

December 4th - Sharon Eubanks - Georgia

October 12th - Aaron Rendon - Colorado

December 6th - Lou Middleton - South Carolina

June 30th - Jackie Dove - New York

October 28th - Janet Hatfield - Washington

November 15th - Ginger Hart - Arizona

November 19th - David Richardson - Texas

October 1st - Sy Laveen - Kentucky

December 8th - Nicolette Carter - North Carolina

October 13th - Mark Smolin - Colorado

November 28th - Ashley Cummins - Mississippi

October 1st - Joseph Laveen - Kentucky

December 4th - Jeremy Smith - Georgia

November 16th - Yvette McClelland - New Mexico

November 19th - Kory Brown - Texas

November 5th - Vincent Tremblay - California

November 29th - Marti Baca - Mississippi

November 5th - Victoria Bogden - California

December 5th - Shelly Ryan - Georgia

Click here to view the official cast member photos!



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